Soil Health School and Resources

Just in time to celebrate International Year of Soils, Ruth Knight Soil Health School in 2015 as part of her soil consulting business. Since 2005 Ruth has been helping farmers develop farming systems that regenerate soil and steward the landscape to create a diverse, healthy agro-ecosystem. With her new Soil Health School, it is her goal to spread the awareness for soil regenerative practices that help farmers restore soil health to create healthy abundant food. Doing this creates meaning and healing relationships with the land, our communities and our families, and improves farm profits.

Soil Regeneration Farming's 2015 Soil Health School

Speakers included:

  • Dr. Christine Jones is an internationally renowned groundcover and soils ecologist from Australia, working with landholders to implement regenerative practices to restore soil health and improve farm profit.
  • Gerard Troisi with the Pennsylvania No Till Alliance sharing his lessons learned from several years of using an alternative soil analysis,
  • Sarah Troisi, also with the Alliance, who will speak about connecting soil regeneration and nutrient density in our food, for our farms and our communities,
  • Lucas Criswell, a Pennsylvania No Till farmer, who plants into tall living cover crops, using tools such as the integrated crimper roller on the planter,
  • Jeff Rasawehr from Michigan speaking about multi species cover crop mixes and how to integrate them into cash crop or cash crop/livestock farm,
  • Tim Prior, with Brussels Agri-Services sharing grazing tools and solutions, and
  • Ruth Knight, who will highlight how growers are integrating cover crops and reducing tillage for regenerating soil.