Welcome to Soil Regeneration Farming

As an agricultural consultant, I mentor farmers to develop farming systems that regenerate soil and create healthy abundant food in a way that creates meaning, and healing relationships with the land, our families and our communities.

Working together, we go beyond focusing on the crop and take a holistic approach to support, and benefit from, ecological services provided by nature. We focus on adding the life and carbon to the soil that drives food quality, nutrient density, weed, pest and disease suppression, and water balance. Adding life also means you can focus on the quality of life for your family and your farmscape.

"Building Nutrition from Soil to Food"

Soil Regeneration - Cover Crops - Grazing management - Reduce Tillage - Weed & Pest Management - Biodiversity - Carbon Sequestration - Healthy Agro-Ecosystems Resilient to Climate Stress